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Canpower Skate

CanPowerSkate is a Skate Canada program that has been designed to enhance the skating skills needed for both hockey and ringette players in the Learn to Train stage of development.  About CanPowerSkate  The CanPowerSkate program has been designed to focus on the development of 15 basic skill sets divided into three fundamental areas: Balance, Control and Agility. Recognizing that skating is a foundational skill for hockey and ringette, this program allows for the opportunity to focus on skating outside of the game or practice. The program is designed to allow flexibility for progression or an increase in intensity as needed, to cater to the level of skaters in the program. Participants will be assessed based on a continuum of development that will indicate skills at an early, moderate or advanced stage of development. Teaching and developing the proper skating technique is the main focus of this program. It is important to recognize that the CanPowerSkate program is not a learn to skate program. All CanPowerSkate skaters must have achieved Stage 4 of the CanSkate program as a pre-requisite for the CanPowerSkate program or equivalent.  CanSkate: CanSkate is Skate Canada’s flagship learn to skate program that has been designed to address the development of skating skills in preparation for all ice sports. CanSkate can be customized to meet the needs of skaters preparing for hockey or ringette in a type of “Hockey CanSkate” or “Pre-Power” type programming. Any club who wishes to offer a “Pre-Power” type program must consult the Modified Delivery Options in the CanSkate Resource Guide and abide by the Delivery Standards associated with that option.

CanPowerSkate & Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Alignment

    The CanPowerSkate program has been aligned with LTAD philosophies to accompany Hockey Canada and Ringette Canada’s programming at the Learn to Play and Learn to Train Stage of LTAD.     CanPowerSkate ideally incorporates skaters/players at the “Golden Age of Learning” (ages 9-12) to enhance their skating ability by teaching technique and efficiency, for quality execution.     

  Skating is a physical literacy skill that is required for ice sports. Prior to playing hockey or ringette, players should have acquired basic skating skills. The CanPowerSkate program does not serve as a learn to skate program. All skaters requiring a learn to skate program should be referred to our CanSkate program.   

     The CanPowerSkate curriculum was designed as a transitional program advancing from the CanSkate program. It specifically focuses on skating skills that are essential for the games of hockey and ringette. It is recommended that players entering CanPowerSkate have achieved minimum Stage 4 in CanSkate (or equivalent). However, completion of Stage 6 CanSkate is ideal for development

Skill Execution Pathway Philosophy

The proper development of a hockey/ringette player will follow a skill execution pathway. For optimal development, this pathway must be used to build a strong foundation for players to apply the CanPowerSkate skills to game situations. The following list outlines appropriate steps for sport-specific skill development. 

The CanPowerSkate program focuses on the development of steps one through four, providing some opportunity to explore step five. It is very important that players acquire skating skills in this order to ensure a strong, efficient foundation for other aspects of the game including stick handling, shooting, strategic game play etc ...

  1. Correct technique  

  2. Correct technique, with speed  

  3. Correct technique, with pucks/rings   

  4. Correct technique, with speed, with pucks/rings 

   5. Correct technique with speed, with pucks/rings, under stress (game like           situations)

Program at a glance

15 essential skills identified for hockey and ringette proficiency have been organized into three fundamental areas: 

  Balance: Forward skills  

  Control: Backward skills and stops  

  Agility: Turning/pivoting skills, and starts